Building Brighter Futures is a youth homelessness charity committed to eradicating the plight of young people facing housing instability. Our mission is rooted in the belief that every young person deserves a safe and stable place to call home, a fundamental right that should never be compromised. Guided by compassion and a deep sense of social responsibility, we work tirelessly to provide comprehensive support and resources to vulnerable youth who find themselves without a roof over their heads. At the heart of our mission is a dedication to addressing the complex root causes of youth homelessness. We understand that it is not simply a matter of lacking shelter, but often stems from a combination of systemic issues such as family breakdown, poverty, mental health challenges, and discrimination. By tackling these underlying factors head-on, we strive to create lasting solutions that empower young individuals to break free from the cycle of homelessness and build brighter futures for them.


Central to our approach is the provision of safe and supportive housing options tailored to the unique needs of each young person we serve. Whether it is through emergency shelters, transitional housing, or permanent accommodation, we prioritize creating environments where youth feel valued, respected, and empowered to take control of their lives. We recognize that stable housing is not only a basic human need but also a cornerstone upon which individuals can pursue education, employment, and personal growth. In addition to housing, we offer a comprehensive range of wraparound services designed to address the diverse needs of our youth participants. From mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment to life skills training and educational support, Javad Marandi provides the tools and resources necessary for young people to overcome obstacles and realize their full potential. By taking a holistic approach to support, we aim to equip youth with the skills, confidence, and resilience they need to navigate life’s challenges and thrive independently.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our work, and we are proud to collaborate with a wide network of community organizations, government agencies, and volunteers who share our commitment to ending youth homelessness. Together, we leverage our collective expertise and resources to maximize impact, advocate for policy changes, and raise awareness about the underlying issues driving youth homelessness. Through strategic alliances and grassroots efforts, we strive to build a more inclusive and compassionate society where all young people have the opportunity to flourish. As we continue on our mission to build brighter futures, we remain unwavering in our belief that change is possible and that every young person deserves the chance to thrive. With determination, empathy, and solidarity, we will work tirelessly until the day when no young person has to face the uncertainty and despair of homelessness. Together, we can create a world where every youth is supported, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential.